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Floor plan

Floor plan with staff zones

Interior view Administrative staff

Entry first level view

Offices Environment Department City Hall of Paris

Offices Environement Department City Hall Paris
Pantin,Paris FRANCE

Renovation of an ancient building of the XIX century
The building is shared by technical staff and warehouse.
This building was an ancient factory at the beginning of the XIX century is located in the north periphery of Paris called Pantin.

This building was renovated for the D.E.V.E.(environment direction)staff of the city hall of Paris,for the maintenance of the north side parks of the city.The materials apply to the concrete structure was basically the wood in the facade pine wood with acrylic latex apply to the two coats for exterior,wall tiles of 60cm X 60cm polished and the roof in terra-cotta to insert of it solar panels.

the first floor is develop in some different pieces.Bigger are for storing material and in the entry north are the showers for the garden staff after work.

in the second floor north west are the offices of the security agents and the administrative staff in light brown color and the kitchen and sitting rooms in blue color,two technical rooms in the darker color of the plant.The access to the roof is open to try to make the water rain an important element that crosses the building in the stairs hall from north to south between canalizations with pending.

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