Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Camorritos Residence

Ancien XVII century villa situated in the North East of Madrid Spain.

This house has some important elements like the tower,the tower is finished with a brick from holland very interesting and changes the personality of the facade ,this tower with a mosaic art nouveau with colored glass changes the interior and develop different tonalities in this rustic corner.

Walls are dressed with light oakwood panels to harmonize with the white shine tile floor,and to highlight beautiful elements existent like the iron stainless door.

For dividing different parts of the house some interiors walls are made of glass bricks ,this structure is illuminated in the base to expand the light into the room.

The other important source of light is in the wood beans of the ceiling,besides that beans there are fluorescents lamps that with the vault shape of the ceiling give to that big spaces a warm and not intense atmosphere.

the furniture is signed by B&B Italia and the sideboard and coffee table are signed by “Baltus”.

Architectural Designer
Hans Abaton
Cottage House Renovation